Hi, I'm Susan! I may be the highly capable and multi-talented person you are looking for!

For many years I’ve worked with a broad range of clients, helping them regain order and bring peace to every area of their home.

Of course I can help you with de-cluttering and organizing your living and storage spaces so they’re easier for you to maintain.

That’s a given!

But I also have a lot of experience helping clients going through major life transitions.

If you’re making a big move (including downsizing or heading to a retirement home) I can manage that project for you, from sorting and packing decades of accumulation to coordinating with vendors right up through fluffing the pillows at your new place.

Need help on a regular basis?

For clients whose health conditions make it extra challenging to keep up with paperwork and overall household order, I offer weekly or bi-weekly visits to keep the bills paid and the light bulbs changed (not to mention about a thousand other little things that can add up to stressful or unsafe living!).

Call me at (323) 376-8865  or email susan@susanclarke.net and let’s talk about how I can help you!

“Susan was a lifesaver for several reasons.  First of all, her professionalism, calm demeanor and extremely organized and detailed way of working was awesome.  But her confidence was also so helpful in what was a stressful period. “

 — Michael, Hollywood

‘Susan helped me to thin out 30 years of accumulation in a short time before a move. She was very sensitive to my needs and very intuitive about how best to help me organize and make decisions. She made a very stressful task far less stressful than I thought possible.

She also helped with the move-in, having organized the packing so all my essentials were easily unpacked upon arrival in my new place. I don’t believe I could have made the move without her, and she was fun to be with on top of all her many skills.’        

— Judy, Pasadena

“Susan performed magic … our garage was usable again!”

— Judi, South Pasadena

About Me

I grew up outside of Boston but have lived in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles before moving to the historic and walkable city of Pasadena, California in 2013.

I was a writer in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years before quenching my thirst for organizing and helping people with my new career in 2010. In addition to home organizing and personal assistance, I also manage a local jazz artist (www.PeterKavanaughMusic.com) and my hobbies are photography, creative writing, and road trips.