Well-versed in promotions as well as content, I’m a Daytime Emmy award-nominated writer for the trivia game show Cash Cab in addition to having written thousands of on-air promos for variety of cable networks.

I’m uniquely qualified to meet your needs for creative and copy for network promos, promotional and explainer videos for products, voiceover copy, interview segments, host copy and comedy sketches.


On-Air Promos

Nickelodeon (Head Writer of On-Air Promos)

Comedy Central

Game Show Network



TV Writing

Cash Cab (trivia game show on Discovery Channel)

MAD (animated sketch comedy show on Cartoon Network)

TeeNick (Nickelodeon 3-hour wraparound show with rotating celebrity guest hosts)

This Week In History (History Channel magazine show)

USA Live (daily 3-hour live talk show/wraparound show)

Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego? (PBS kids history game show)

Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? (PBS kids geography game show)