Money on the Sidewalk is a live-action, guerilla-style game show podcast for kids ages 9 — 12. Our host surprises real kids on the street, in public spaces and at school, where they’re asked irreverent questions (“Would you rather have a dog the size of a horse or a horse the size of a dog?”) and to perform silly stunts (“How many squeaky dog toys can you fit under your armpit without dropping any?”).

Correct answers (or nearly correct answers … or something close) earn real cash dollars, though the cash dollars might be nestled inside a hot dog bun or folded into an origami bird.

Co-created, written, directed and executive produced by me and McPaul Smith in association with Pinna.

Debuting in fall 2019 on Pinna, the audio streaming service custom-made for kids 3-12!

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