My curiosity has led me many places in my career, from behind the crash wall at a drag race, to beneath the pool table of a deceased tuxedo salesman, to behind the judges’ table at an Elvis impersonator contest.


I’m a non-fiction TV writer who loves connecting the dots between people, places, and things, looking for insight into who we are and what the hell we’re doing here. While I’m highly creative, I’m also a highly organized producer and a serial entrepreneur unafraid of the nuts and bolts of managing a project from idea to finished product.


My TV writing credits range from the smart-or-funny to the smart-and-funny, including Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab (for which I earned an Emmy nomination), PBS’ Emmy and Peabody Award-winning kids geography show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? History Channel’s This Week in History, Cartoon Network’s MAD, and Noggin’s TEENick Spins the Bottle. I’ve also done print and on-air marketing for HBO, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, ESPN and Game Show Network.


As a freelancer accustomed to hustle and self-management, it wasn’t a big leap to start my first business, Cornfed, a quarterly print magazine covering Americana music and cultural curiosities. I went on to create Collectible Detective, a web directory of antique and collectible resources, and managed and booked music acts as proprietor of Ready Set Go Music.


I sold high-end furnishings and art, and managed estate sales, business liquidations, and non-profit fundraisers as founder of Los Angeles Resale Company. I’ve also been a home organizer, which should qualify me for a degree in advanced psychology.


My actual degree, however, is a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.